28 June 2016

one thousand miles

eyes heavy with sleep
heart lonely with the distance of one thousand miles
pen falls out of fingertips
journal slides out of lap

might be half asleep already
but still i wonder

the ponderings and wishes will presently liquify
like sun on a trickling brook
into brilliant dreams, radiant with color

i think my dreams tonight will be of
the land of pines & lakes
where fireflies flicker the night away
and brilliant stars spread a thick blanket over the darkness

one thousand miles away

24 June 2016

golden halcyon

eight days.  i am overwhelmed with nostalgia for the golden halcyon these months have been.  it haunts my dreams.  i have allowed myself to be rubbed raw, exposing every last hidden piece of this delicate heart of mine.  you have extracted it from beneath the rubble where it was hidden for so long.  i tried to built the walls up again, i tried to hide.  yet, it turned into something so beautiful i can scarcely believe.  now it has been eight days and i am becoming engulfed by those old stones.